Ressources en ligne

  • You can also learn from your peers through the  Wisdom Exchange  and  the Innovators Alliance  ( Available in English only) .
  • You must provide your company with a strategy to promote e-business success. Learn more using the  kit  of tools for e-business .
  • Visit the business guides published on the Canada Business Ontario website for more information on programs, services and federal and provincial regulations.
  • The papers in the series  leading growth firms  are concise reports on best practices, which provide practical information on growth strategies and tactics employed by small and medium enterprises prosperous.
  • If you need help to establish an effective strategy to exit your business, know that close or sell a business contains relevant information on the subject of the federal and provincial governments.
  • As an employer, the workforce is your most valuable asset. Ontario offers incentives that will help you. For more information, please visit .
  • Votre guide de la petite entreprise est conçu pour vous aider à lancer et à faire croître votre entreprise. Il vous aidera à déterminer les étapes que vous devez franchir avant, pendant et après le lancement de votre petite entreprise.

Services en personne

  • Contact a ROE analyst for assistance to meet the different needs associated with the early stages of your business development, including development finance strategies, human resources and marketing, creating links customers and partners as well as analysis of business information.
  • If your company has achieved strong growth, contact a business management consultant for one of our centers; it will help you develop products and export markets, increase your production, getting financing for capital projects and improve your strategic planning.
  • Create relationships with mentors and peers. Contact your center of ROE to learn more about the residence Contractors program and the peer networking services.

Consult an expert

Recherche et développement

Collaboration is essential to business success: relationships and the exchange of ideas between researchers and entrepreneurs are the engines of our economy based on innovation. 

Companies often have to call on specialists in R & D, while students and new graduates are looking for relevant work experience. That's why Ontario provides a range of programs to put entrepreneurs in touch with college and university students who can participate in solving problems of their business. Other programs still favor the hiring of new graduates into the sector R. and D., providing work experience for students in science, engineering and other technical programs.

To find a counselor who can provide information on these programs, enter your postal code here: